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What We Do


By way of professional expertise and access to a network of art world professionals, Blueprint Art Advisory advises on:


  • Art acquisition and art collection management: artwork sourcing or commissioning and related needs, including legal documentation, insurance, logistics, installation, cataloguing, maintenance and conservation.


  • Corporate art programmes: adopting art for corporate brand and retail experience development.


  • Art exhibitions: proposals, curation, presentation and artwork sales.


  • Art space display and storage needs: hanging systems, lighting plans, humidity control levels, storage systems and other related needs.


  • Artist representation.


  • Art writing and editing: literature to communicate your art master plan.


  • Other requirements in art.


We believe in integrity, discretion and long-term relationships built on trust and respect. Through our work, we aim to encourage an enjoyable experience with art and to further dialogues among collaborators in the international art world, especially for Singapore modern and contemporary art.

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