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About Blueprint Art Advisory

Blueprint Art Advisory is an independent consultancy founded in 2018 in Singapore by Wendy Cheong, a law-educated art advisor.


Wendy brings with her more than a decade’s experience in art, most notably through her contribution to the art programme at ION Orchard, Singapore’s premier retail mall. She was a member of the mall’s inaugural development management team (2006) as incumbent for conceptualising and directing its art acquisition strategy. She also developed, from ground up, the National Arts Council’s Patron of the Arts-winning ION Art initiative, a unique marketing proposition at ION Orchard involving the presentation of art within common spaces in the mall, and exhibitions in the 5,000 square-foot ION Art gallery (2006 – 2015). Her pet projects under ION Art were its two annual signature events, namely the Young Talent Programme and ION Art Photography Series, introduced to support artists at different stages of their careers. Through ION Art, Wendy worked closely with local and international commercial galleries, curators and artists, as well as architects and engineers.


Wendy holds an MA in Art Business from Sotheby’s Institute of Art, London (2016). She has strong international experience from having lived in the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, France and Japan. She is a lousy shopper and has little discernment for good food. She is however passionate about art and travels extensively to observe trends in art museums, art spaces, biennales, art fairs, art galleries, and the art market in different cities. She has a good understanding of the structure of the art world and its relationships. Outside of art, Wendy is an ardent student of languages. She is currently multilingual in five and has aspirations for Greek and sign language.

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