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Suriani Suratman | 'Pusat: Conversations with my mama Saerah'

The Arts House, Singapore

July 2022

‘Pusat: Conversations with my mama Saerah’ is an exhibition of clay works by Suriani Suratman, each series being centred on the memory of conversations between the artist and her late mother Saerah Taris. Deeply personal, the exhibition honours the legacy of Saerah’s life instructions for her daughter. Utilising the forms of familiar objects that her mother used daily, bowls, dishes, mortars and clothing shape each conversation. The exhibition comprises about 50 clay artworks created on simple everyday wisdoms that have kept the artist connected to the centrality or pusat of her mother. These works continue to exist in the larger space where Suriani's concerns on the roles and perceptions of women are enunciated through her writing.

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2 – 11 July 2022

Private preview Sat 2 July 11 am - 3 pm

Open to public Sat 2 July 3 pm - 8 pm


Exhibition days

11 am - 8 pm Fri, Sat

11 am - 7 pm Sun - Thu

11 am - 6 pm Mon 11 July



The Arts House, Gallery 2

1 Old Parliament Lane, Singapore 179429


Curatorial team: Wendy Cheong and Seah Tzi-Yan

About the Artist

Suriani Suratman (b. 1959) started pottery classes in 2001 at the Centre for the Arts, National University of Singapore under the tutorship of Master Potter Iskandar Jalil. She continued to study with Iskandar at his studio in Jalan Senyum from 2003 and at Jalan Bahar Clay Studios from 2005. She currently practises at Jalan Bahar Clay Studios where she also teaches ceramics.


Suriani exhibited with Ahmad Abu Bakar at ‘Tanah Air - Homeland’ (2016) at The Private Museum. Her two solos were ‘Cita Seni: Receptacle of Feeling/Filling’, The Arts House (2017) and ‘Alam – A Pottery Exhibition by Suriani Suratman’ (2013), ART2 Gallery, Singapore.


Dr Suriani, a social anthropologist, is Senior Lecturer at the Department of Malay Studies, National University of Singapore. Her work in ceramics draws her personal expression to her keen interest in how people are shaped by cultural practice and values passed down.

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